Welcome Matteo!

We are happy to welcome Matteo Salvi, a PhD student in organic chemistry from the University of Siena (Italy) and is carrying out his research work at the CNR-ICCOM in Florence (Italy). His PhD work is part of a collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Dipharma Francis S.r.l, based in Milan (Italy).

Now, Matteo is joining CiTOS as visiting researcher as part of his PhD program. His stay will be a great opportunity to supplement his knowledge in organic chemistry with skills in flow synthesis. During his 6-month stay, he will be giving some welcome support on our ongoing industrial collaborations.

We wish Matteo all the best for his stay in Liege!

Brand new Vapourtec equipment at the lab

Our lab has now been equipped with two automized Vapoutec systems, ready to perform new projects in flow chemistry! Our reactor are equipped in PFA, Stainless-steel and Hastelloy reactor coils, and are ready to pump anything in high-pressure, with corrosive feed solutions or feed containing  suspensions. Automatic collectors and online detectors allow us to perform multiple pre-programmed reactions.

To be honest, at CiTOS we typically build the reactors ourselves. And we will continue to do so! But considering Vapourtec’s reputation and broad use in industrial settings, we decided to add this impressive equipment to our facilities and thus increase our offerings to our partners.

The Vapourtec team is super helpful and we are happy to count on their support as well.

JC receives the Corning award

We are thrilled to learn about JC’s award from Corning Advanced Flow Reactors! It’s been a little over 10 years since the beginning of CiTOS. During this time, the lab has grown significantly, in number of members, amount of equipment, but most importantly, in contributions to science and the field of flow chemistry.  The prize comes to crown this growth and has been highly celebrated by the lab and our friends. The Corning International Prize for Outstanding Work in Continuous-Flow Reactors has been awarded only once before to Prof. Klavs Jensen from MIT.

Flow Chemistry European Summit 2024

Jean-Christophe Monbaliu was among the speakers of this year’s Flow Chemistry European Summit, which took place last March 25-26 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Through his talk, he shared his experience on the synergy that exists between computational and flow chemistry. This combination of expertise is one of the core research values of the lab and encompasses some of the most important contributions of JC’s work. It was also a great opportunity also to catch up with other researchers in the field and build the flow chemistry community. 

2024 Master students!

Arthur, Cassian, and Nicolas! These three young new members of CiTOS will be working on their master’s thesis during the next year. Arthur will be teaming up with Hubert to work on the synthesis of APIs from biobased sources. Nicolas is now part of the Wel T research team, along with Réjane and Jingxing. And Cassain is tackling new reactions using dinitrogen trioxide with Yuesu. They’ve been off to a good start and are a great addition to the CiTOS team! We have high hopes for our young new members!

Réjane and Jingxing join the lab!

Last January, we had the arrival of two new PhD students at the lab! Réjane and Jingxing are teaming up to work on a Wel Research Institute funded project to develop the synthesis of APIs. However, the crucial aspect of this project is the capacity to predict reaction conditions based on DFT calculations and machine learning, which will be the main goal of Jingxing’s thesis work. On the other hand, Réjane will focus on implementing reaction conditions in an in-house built automation system.

It’s a challenging project, with a high potential impact for the future of flow chemistry. Stay tuned to hear more updates on this work!


JC at the Flow Chemistry Society

Flow Chemistry Europe, the meeting of the the Flow Chemistry Society took place last week in Malaga, Spain! JC was there to present some of the latest work from the lab. We encourage you to go to the official website and check out the photos https://flowchemistryeurope.com/.

Aside from a wonderful conference, the FCE had a beautiful venue. We’re happy to share with our followers some of the nice pictures that JC took during that trip. 

Bachelor students intern at CiTOS!

This year we had the honor of hosting Aurore and Antoine for four days of research work in our labs! These third year bachelor students worked under the direct guidance of Yuesu and Anita to develop their projects. Aside from being grateful for their hard work, we’re happy to have spent some fun times with together after work too.

We wish them the best for the final months of their bachelor’s program here at ULiege!

The 2024 Belgian Organic Synthesis Symposium (BOSS)

Work has begun in the lab for the organization of the 2024 edition of the Belgian Organic Synthesis Symposium (BOSS). Next event will be held in the wonderful city of Liege. With Dr. J.C. Monbaliu leading the organization and Dr. Frank Glorius as symposium chair, the 2024 BOSS promises to be a memorable event.

You can take a look (and share) the flyer here.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

FloW4all gets a website

It’s now been a few months since we inaugurated the website for FloW4all! If you haven’t yet seen it, you can take a look here: http://flow4all.uliege.be

The FloW4all service platform manages the collaborations between CiTOS and external partners. These partnerships are  often with industrial collaborators interested in exploring the benefits flow chemistry may bring to their processes.

Take a look at the new website to see what we can offer!