Soulaimane’s summer at CiTOS

August was also the occasion for third yearChemistry bachelor student Soulaimane to join the lab for his first research experience. Soulaimane assisted CiTOS postdoc Anita in developing our projects involving acylnitroso chemistry. He contributed extensively throughout the month and got a first glance at life in a research lab.

We wish him good luck in the upcoming semester and hope to have him back in the lab soon for further collaboration!

Sébastien and Elyse are back

Last Friday, the CiTOS members welcomed back Elyse and Sébastien who came back to the lab after their research experiences abroad, the completion of their masters studies, and some well deserved holidays.

Sébastien will be preparing his FRIA interview to start a PhD related to the study of chiral alpha-chloronitroso species while Elyse will work under the umbrella of the newly founded Flow4All industrial platform.

It’s great to have them back in the team!

PhD and Postdoc positions at CiTOS available!

Thanks to the WelT grant we recently obtained, we are now looking for three new members for our team here at CiTOS! Two PhD student and one Postdoc position are currently open.

The goal of this project is to decrease the reliance on trial-and-error approaches to chemistry by using quantum mechanics computations to obtain a priori knowledge of a chemical reaction. This project brings together computational modeling to generate initial data, and machine learning to home in on an effective prediction model for reactivity. This model will be used to predict optimal reaction conditions, which will then be tested using a microfluidic flow reactor. Experiments will be conducted on an in-house automated platform equipped with inline monitoring. This approach will be applied to novel synthetic routes, for which there is no existing data, to showcase how novel, more efficient synthetic routes can be developed with a minimal number of experiments through the combination of these disciplines.

More details on the candidature can be found at:

Nicole’s stay at CiTOS

We’re happy to have Nicole Torres, from the University of Puerto Rico, here at CiTOS.
Nicole is part of an FDA-funded collaboration that bring together the University of Liege (CiTOS), the University of Puerto Rico, MIT and Northeastern University.

On the side of CiTOS, Loïc and Hubert are in charge of advancing this project. And this month, we’ve had the opportunity to have Nicole here familiarizing herself with the synthesis component of the project. Later on, Nicole will be in charge of the implementation of process analytical technology and chemometrics.

We’re happy for this short stay, and look forward to having Nicole back here in 2024.

JC joins the CordenPharma Advisory Board

Last month CordenPharma announced its new Technology & Science Advisory Board. The advisory board was established to advance CordonPharma’s capabilities in the development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. Eight worldwide leading experts were selected to provide insight on new trends and technologies. JC is on board due to his expertise in flow chemistry, and in particular, in multistep flow processes at the lab and pilot scale. We’re happy to announce this new collaboration and look forward to advancing flow chemistry in the Pharma industry!

For further information, check the CordenPharma website.


Summer comes to CiTOS

June 30 brought us the end of semester activity. CiTOS members brought food from their countries to origin to share with the rest. Argentina, Poland, Bari, and Venice, Portugal, UK and Belgium all had a small representation on our table. Overall, it was a wonderful day, full of fun, games, good food, and sun.

Chemistry Day at ULiege

With June comes summer and the time for the yearly Chemistry Day here at the University of Liege.
CiTOS doctoral students had the opportunity to share posters explaining their work to other members of the faculty, and to learn about the research being conducted here at ULg by other PhD students. Our postdoc Anita gave a great talk explaining her journey to ULg and her advancements in nitrosocarbonyl chemistry. And the entire day ended with an excellent BBQ shared with all our dear colleagues.

Wel-T advanced grant assigned to CiTOS

Very happy to officially announce that we were granted a prestigious Advanced Wel-T grant of 1.4 M EUR over 4 years. It feeds upon preliminary work preformed by PhD student Pauline Bianchi and will strengthen the automation/computation/Machine Learning ambitions at CiTOS. A huge congratulations to JC, and also to the team at CiTOS, for all the great work leading up to this.

A shout out to Dr. Christophe Detrembleur from the CERM for an analogous grant obtained for the development of polyurethane foams.

In search of more info? Check the announcement.

Dr. Abedelnour defends his PhD thesis

We celebrate today the final event in Elias’ journey to becoming a PhD. After defending his PhD thesis at Chimie ParisTech – PSL, Elias has become the latest postdoc to join CiTOS as part of and industrial collaboration project. His experience in flow chemistry will certainly be an important part of advancing the growing number of industrial projects here at CiTOS.

We congratulate Elias in his latest achievement and are happy to have him working amongst us now.


We’re proud to share that team CiTOS was well represented at the Flow Chemistry Europe conference 2023.

JC showed us how to “Make nitroso reagents great again“; Loïc presented a poster on the preparation of APIs from bio-based materials; and Anita took home a poster prize for her work on the spatiotemporally-controlled photogeneration of nitrosocarbonyl compounds. And the entire team had a wonderful time learning of all the excellent work being done on flow chemistry throughout the world.