Welcome Florian!

Join us in celebrating Florian Barbaz, new PhD student here at CiTOS! Florian is part of the D Carbonize doctoral network. This EU funded project aims at the valorization of biocarbon and its applications for the chemical and polymer industry. Florian is part of project DC4, which focuses on the design of robust and modular homogeneous/heterogeneous catalytic routes, including continuous flow approaches, for the transformation of biocarbon into functional bio-based monomers.

Florian will be sharing his PhD research time between CiTOS, the University of Groningen with Paolo Pescarmona, and followed by a period at Corning!

You can read more about the project online! https://dcarbonizeproject.eu/

Presenting Sophie Bianchi

Urte joins for an Erasmus+ internship

Urte Sachleviciute, coming from the Kauno technologijos universitetas (Kaunas University of Technology, KTU),
has joined the lab for a 3-month internship! She’s a senior PhD student from Kaunas, Lithuania, with a strong background in organic synthesis. Now she will be gaining experience in flow chemistry while working on an industrial project here at CiTOS. We hope she enjoys her time in Liège and in the lab, and wish her the best in her flow chem project!

BTW, relationships between KTU and CiTOS are growing! Stay tuned for more news of our partnerships.

Miriana and Olga join CiTOS for their master thesis

Since the beginning of October, we have Olga and Miriana from Università degli studi Aldo Moro, in Bari. They will be staying 5 months at CiTOS to perform research conductive to their master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology.

They will be joining on-going projects here in the lab under the mentorship of Dr. Anita Tsai and Dr. Diana Silva. We wish them both the best in this new adventure.



Sébastien Renson’s receives the Solvay prize for best Master thesis!

CiTOS member Sébastien Renson‘s received the Solvay prize for this Master thesis! The prize rewards the four best master dissertations in the country and was officially granted during the SRC 2023 Scientific Day. On this day, Sébastien delivered an oral presentation on his award-winning work, which was done in collaboration with his mentors Yuesu Chen, Claire Muzyka, and Jean-Christophe Monbaliu.

Part of his work has already been published and is available online from Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Read it here.

A huge congratulations to Sébastien and to the lab on producing such fine work in flow chemistry!

Pauline receives the Aloïse Benoît Coomans Award in Organic Chemistry

The Aloïse Benoît Coomans Foundation from ULiège’spatrimony rewards significant advances in the field of Organic Chemistry. This year, the prize goes to CiTOS member Pauline Bianchi.

Pauline’s work proposes an original approach to develop new synthetic pathways, based on the use of continuous flow coupled with predictive numerical simulation methods. This is a prize awards around EUR 10,000 for the pursuit of her research career. Congrats on this new achievement!

CiTOS celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Last September 21 was a huge day for CiTOS! We took this day to celebrate 10 years since the lab first opened with a full day of activities. The morning started at Maredsous Abbey, where we had a tour of the cheese and beer factory, and a magnificent lunch, followed by a guided tour of the abbey. The lunch break was also the moment to present Jean-Christophe with the many gifts that all lab members had planned to celebrate the occasion.

After many laughs and many beers at Maredsous, we headed out to Dinant, where the whole group took part of a laser game. Each person was equipped with a laser gun and divided into two groups, and out we went into fields and mud.

It was a very memorable day for all of us here at CiTOS, celebrating all the achievements of these past 10 years and excited for the years to come!

Yuesu Receives a 3-Year Research Fellowship from FNRS

Yuesu is granted a 3-year FNRS Research Fellowship(Chargé de Recherches) starting from 1st October 2023 under the supervision of JC for his proposal aiming at the preparation of dinitrogen trioxide (N2O3) and its application in organic synthesis. With the protocol for the generation of concentrated N2O3 solution established by Yuesu in his first postdoctoral stay in CiTOS, we are looking forward to seeing more exciting nitrosation chemistry of this nicely blue-colored compound.


Check out the newsletter from MolSys, ULiège for more:


Scientific Advisory Board at CordenPharma

The first transdisciplinary Scientific Advisory Board was held on September 7, 2023 in Liestal, Switzerland. Stimulating debates on future technology developments and strategic directions involved a team of 8 academic profiles, top management, platforms directors, and researchers from CordenPharma.

We’re proud to have JC selected as part of  the Scientific Advisory Board. He will take part as an expert in Flow Chemistry and Organic Synthesis.




EuChemS Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry in Salerno Italy

JC attended the 6th EuChemS Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry in scenic Salerno, Italy (September 3-6, 2023). He presented a medley of recent research programs at CiTOS, with the emphasis on the synergy between computational chemistry and flow technology. After a dense scientific program, it was also a unique cultural opportunity before jumping in the next plane to Switzerland.