Outreach Activites






Our research programs come with an important societal impact, in that it overlaps with scientific areas of fundamental interest for the public: chemical synthesis using safer, more sustainable and cost-efficient chemistry toward high valued-added pharmaceuticals and nanoparticles, development of biobased processes and chemical neutralization of chemical warfare agents. In accordance with one of the most important principles of the European Charter for Researchers, we are committed to disseminate our research activities to the society at large, both toward non-specialists and professionals.

Direct engagement with a non-professional audience was already successful and helped our researchers to understand the public priorities in science and technology and to address the public’s concerns. To that end, we have organized live demonstrations in public areas. Dissemination to scientists and professionals is also ensured through various discussion platforms (Liège Créative) or through our network of consulting and training


Recent outreach



Miniaturized production of a useful pharmaceutical for NASA space missions

Researchers from CiTOS have developed a miniaturized production unit toward the first continuous flow synthesis of the anti-narcoleptic modafinil, one of the select medications available in the medical kit aboard the International Space Station (ISS). This project is being developed in collaboration with Crystallization Design Institute (CDI) of the University of Puerto Rico, within the frame of a NASA-EPSCoR program.  Read more

Righting past wrongs through flow chemistry: the case of chemical warfare agents

Researchers from CiTOS, put their scientific knowledge to use by contributing to the destruction of some of the worst scientific creations produced : chemical warfare agents. Published in the journal Green Chemistry and highlighted as one the most impactful advancements in 2022try Hot Articles), this new report provides a positive outlook towards peace. Read more