You name it.

We synthesize it !

  • Synthesis “à la carte” – competitive prices
  • Microscale reaction optimization/development;
  • Licensed for the manufacturing of Schedule I-V chemicals
  • Batch or flow processes
  • Optimization of preexisting protocols or development of new routes
  • Oligopeptides
  • Analytical support (NMR, IR, GC, HPLC)

Your chemistry ? We do flow.

  • Is your process associated with significant safety issues (exothermic reaction, toxic or unstable intermediates, extreme conditions, etc.)?
  • Have you encountered scale-up issues?
  • Are you looking for a technology enabling fast lab-to-market transitions?
  • You don’t have the room for conventional batch reactors, but you need large scale production?
  • You are interested in flow chemistry, but don’t have the equipment yet?

We offer consulting or reaction/process development in flow reactors

  • Design and manufacturing of chips on demand (glass, polymers, SS, etc.);
  • Microscale reaction optimization/development;
  • g to kg scale production (further development are possible);
  • Photochemistry, sonochemistry, liquid-liquid, gas-liquid, supported catalysts, etc;


Convinced that flow chemistry would be a useful addition to your laboratory but unsure of where to start? We can provide you with a 2-day course covering the theoretical and practical aspects required, including hands-on training and demonstrations of current applications developped at CiTOS.

Trainings in flow already delivered :

(a) Institut de Recherches Servier (Croissy, France), 2019
(b) Oncodesign (Villebon, France), 2019
(c) Quantoom Biosciences (Nivelles et Sart Tilman), 2021
(d) Adamed (Sart Tilman), 2021
(e) Minakem (Beuvry-la-Forêt et Sart Tilman), 2022

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