Outreach activity – 2019, September

We were very happy to be involved in the annual Researchers’ night organized by Réjouisciences (http://rejouisciences.uliege.be/).

Noémie, Romain, Guillaume and myself were there to present our latest developments in flow chemistry at the interface of current societal challenges.

 Thanks all for the support.

New collaboration agreement – 2019, May


CiTOS and NovAliX have signed a collaboration agreement for the development of continuous flow strategies. NovAliX is innovative Contract Research Organization that provides expert driven outsourcing and insourcing research services for drug discovery.


New collaboration agreement – 2019, May


Our network keeps growing – CiTOS and Alysophil have signed a collaboration agreement within the context of developing innovative continuous flow technologies for the production of high valued-added targets. Alysophil is a Deep Tech startup that combines flow chemistry and artificial intelligence for improving chemical manufacturing.


It’s hot! – 2019, May


“Our continuous flow process toward ketamine is highlighted in the 2019 Green Chemistry Hot Articles themed collection and Michaël’s artwork is featured as a front cover.”

Flow Chemistry Society – 2019


Jean-Christophe is teaming up with Shawn Collins (University of Montreal) and Norbert Kockmann (TU Dortmund University) as Associate Editor of the Journal of Flow Chemistry