Welcome – 2018


Péter Gröb joins the group as a trainee. Welcome, Péter !

Congrats – 2018


Jean-Christophe was promoted Senior Lecturer at the Department of Chemistry.

MOCS – 2017, Dec. 7-8

The entire team attended the 2017 Merck Organic Chemistry Symposium (MOCS 2017) in Blankenberge (Belgium).

Noémie gave an outstanding talk on photocatalyzed singlet oxygen oxidations in flow.

Our new website is online

The group is very eager to present its new website. The new design is reader-friendly and features the most important information related to our research and life at CiTOS.

Michaël is gratefully acknowledged for his work and patience for the design.

UKASF 2017

Jean-Christophe attended the 2017 UKASF conference in Northampton (UK).

Jean-Christophe presented the most recent advances for complex multistep reaction sequences in flow, emphasizing examples related to pharmaceutical production.

CiTOS becomes the First Advanced-Flow Reactor Qualified Lab in Europe


The University of Liège in Belgium recently established a Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) Corning® Advanced-Flow™ reactor (AFR) qualified lab at its Center for Integrated Technology and Organic Synthesis (CiTOS). Using AFR technology, the lab provides customers with continuous-flow demonstrations, experimental trials, feasibility testing, and chemical reaction process development.

This is the first qualified lab in Europe to offer AFR testing and process development services. Corning also has AFR-qualified labs in the United States and China. The lab at CiTOS is in close proximity to European customers and enables them to utilize Corning Advanced-Flow reactors.

More info here


FROST 2017


Noémie, Romaric and Jean-Christophe attended the 2017 FROST6 conference in Budapest (Hungary). Noémie and Romaric presented posters with their most recent research progresses. Jean-Christophe gave an invited lecture on peptide ligation and biomass valorization using flow reactors. During the conference banquet,

Noémie was awarded the Second Best Poster presentation Award. Congrats Noémie!

Corning Reactor Technologies 2017, March 6-7

Jean-Christophe gave two invited lectures at the 2017 Corning Reactor Technologies Annual Conference in Changzhou (China). He discussed the most recent advances in complex multistep reaction sequences using Corning Advanced-flow Reactors as a plenary lecturer.
He next gave a 3 h course on education in flow chemistry.