FNRS Research Fellow, Pauline Bianchi – 2020, July

Pauline Bianchi was granted a 4 years FNRS Research Fellowship for her proposal aiming at the development of innovative amination procedures (“General fluidic platform for the generation and use of designer’s reactive nitroso species towards pharmaceutical ingredients”).

Her proposal relies on an interdisciplinary approach combining synthetic, physical organic chemistry and chemical engineering.

Her work fits within the context of sustainability and contributes to providing concrete answers for current societal challenges related to the preparation of pharmaceutical active ingredients and other biologically relevant molecules.

Welcome, Yuesu ! – 2020, July



Yuesu Chen joins the group as a Postdoctoral Researcher within the frame of a FNRS-FSR Incentive Grant for Scientific Research (MIS, F.S.R-FNRS).

Welcome, Yuesu!

Welcome, Martin ! – 2020, May



Martin Cattoen joins the group as a Postdoctoral researcher within the frame of a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship.

Welcome, Martin!

Master thesis Defense – Pauline Bianchi, February


Pauline has successfully defended her Master thesis on scalable and innovative continuous flow processes for the preparation of nanoparticles. She is now heading Graz (Austria) to join Prof. C. Oliver Kappe’s group for a 5 month Erasmus. Congrats, Pauline ! 


Visit of the CBRN unit @ the Belgian Civil Protection

The group had a chance to visit the infrastructure of the Belgian Civil Protection in Crisnée near Liège with Lieutenant-Colonel S. Bairin. The mobile chemical lab was awesome ! Some of us will enroll as volunteers to support the Belgian Civil Protection.

For more info about the Belgian Civil Protection follow this link

BAEF Fellowship, MIT – 2020, February


Romaric was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the Belgian American Education Foundation (B.A.E.F).

The BAEF grant will trigger his relocation to MIT within Klavs Jensen. Congrats, Romaric !

Fuzhou – 2020, January

Thomas and Jean-Christophe spent a few days in China for visiting Fuzhou University.

Jean-Christophe was recruited by the Provincial Hundred Talents Program of the scenic Fujian Province (China) as an International Expert, as a Tongjiang Scholar Chair Professor (Quanzhou) and as a Minjiang Scholar Chair Professor of Fujian (Fuzhou University). Lots of stimulating perspectives in such a vibrant and dynamic Province!